Who are Nike? | Brand Identity

Nike is a brand that was founded on January 25th 1964, with the original name Blue Ribbon sports; as Nike wash’t an independent brand it originally worked with the sports wear Asics,  But on May 30th 1971, The company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

The name Nike came from the meaning of a greek God which means Victory. Nikes slogan “Just do it.” came from a serial killer Gary Gilmore who said “Lets do it.” before he was executed in 1977. One of the reasons he used this was because both Nike and the serial killer where from Portland, and he remembered this line but didn’t like “Lets do it.” so he changed it to “Just do it.” for TV commercials

Nike like to make sure that people know about the background of Nike they hire ‘storytellers’ called Ekins (Nike spelled backwards)  to be able to explain the background and let people know that its not the celebrities who indorse and work with Nike its about two important people Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight they want to let people know:  “Our stories are not about extraordinary business plans or financial manipulations,” explains Nelson Farris, 57, Nike’s director of corporate education and the company’s chief storyteller. “They’re about people getting things done.”

NIKE’s co-founder Bill Bowerman saw endless possibilities for human achievement through sport. His philosophy still guides our mission today: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” We believe if you have a body, you are an athlete. 

Nikes main aim is to be able to make running shoes professional and make sure that new innovative ideas are always coming about such as the rubber sole shoe; Coach Bowerman poured rubber into a waffle iron and thats how the Waffle sole was born. They strive for innovation that serves the athlete, Grows the company and delivers inspiration.


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