Old vs New | Nike Advertisements

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These are the old Nike adverts which I found there quite simple especially in use of colour there isn’t much surrounding what they’re promoting, However in some of the advertisements that I seen had some information on what the advert was promoting. Although the advertisements based on what their promoting they still use smart ideas so the advertisements unique.

Even though I haven’t included new advertisements into this blog post yet I can say the adverts have always had a simple but intelligent approach to how they promote their products.

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These are the new advertisements which Nike produce as the images show there is no description of what is going on in the picture, There could be many reasons for this such as Nike is now that well known it doesn’t need a description, I think this is one of the main reasons along with Nike uses celebrities to indorse in their products so they get shown in their advertisements, for instance Ronaldo being used would instantly allow you to know the advert is based around football so it could be promoting football boots.

As for colour management its still kept so that there isn’t many colours the biggest amount of colour I’ve seen in a Nike advert has four colours.  They still keep a smart way of advertising and keep it simple which is good for my my group having the word ‘simple’ as we don’t have to worry about too much colour and changing things massively. However, it is a slight task to make everything look good and fit a logo and “Just do it.” onto the page. and make sure we stick to Nikes rules

One of my team members Bart created a blog post explaining what Nike is and also added examples of adverts Nike has done in the past and also present. (Barts post)


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