Group Meeting | 29th September

  We have decided that we need to have a group meeting every morning so we all know what we’re doing this way our groups more organised and we can raise any issues to each other easier.

From todays meeting we all wrote down whats happened and what needs to happen, We have a new idea which we have just done a test shoot for, This is a good start however, we have had a few problems with some of Becky’s work going missing especially the edited images as her pen drives broke and the cameras no longer have the images but Bart still has the best photo shoot we’ve done in the studio and edited images.

We have all realised from todays start we need to back our work up of each others so it is safe this is especially important when it comes to the final photo shoots. We are also going to use today to update blogs as this is one of the main issues in our group but by the end of today this should be sorted so we don’t have to worry as much about them anymore but from now on stay on top of them so they don’t get as built up.


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