Evaluation | Task 1 and 2

Our group has worked together well since the start, there hasn’t been any issues with us working together there has only been problems up to now with some images being lost because of pen drives breaking but their not final so we have managed without them, We have also found images which we needed again which put us back on track. I feel as a group where all contributing with ideas, I think we have also worked together to get the best images such as suggesting an angle for Becky or even trying to work within Becky’s shot as we haven’t always had a studio to take images. I think only this week have we began to plan a lot better as in the beginning we knew what we were doing in our minds but we didn’t properly write it down but we have now got back on track for that and we are writing it down and have decided to post a blog each day after a meeting in the morning. I think that my own input has been enough for the group as I’m sharing ideas and thoughts on what we have done for example “Top of the food chain.” which was Bart’s slogan but my idea to do the ladder as Nike is the highest sports brand and one of the highest shoe brands. I have also completed research on my blog which can help for our development ideas and final outcomes.


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