Catch Your Craving | Test Photo-shoot

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 16.51.21 Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 16.51.16

I made a contact sheet of the images Becky captured for our new idea which Bart came up with “Catch your craving.”

My role in the photo-shoot was first to be a model holding the cutlery, I also was the shoe model so we could compare what shoes we wanted for the final shoot. Our first dummy photo-shoots helped us to understand what compositions where effective and the type of final image that we wanted; So when we got into the studio to do the final shoot it was quicker and easier for us to know how we wanted whoever modelled to be placed, composition and even though we didn’t use lighting in the dummy photo-shoot Becky had an idea of where the lighting should be to get certain shadows. This saved time and it saved capturing a lot of images which we didn’t want.

The purpose of the dummy photo-shoot was because it helped us lead onto what images we wanted to capture for the final shoot we all downloaded the images and spoke about the images what we liked, we all agreed in what we wanted and in what we could try to get the shots better for the final shoot.


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