Presentation | Nike

Today we finally did our presentation which in my opinion went a lot better than I thought. We spoke to the class about the whole project, Sadly Becky’s voice still isn’t good so Bart took the slides she was going to say, We got through it and Becky still had input into the presentation. While we presented the class and Shirley gave us feedback, The class being critical mostly just said we didn’t discuss the main aims of our brand and some said they wasn’t sure what out target audience would be, because of this I will explain, Nike has some objectives: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” We believe if you have a body, you are an athlete. Another aim they have is to make the most professional running shoes possible “They strive for innovation that serves the athlete and allows them to perform as best as possible” Another aim Nike has is to make sure their shoes are affordable yet the best for anyone to use whether its an athlete or an average person. As for our target audience was I think our outcomes are aimed at everyone but to understand the outcome teens to adults.

Personally I have loved working in a group and I think I have gained new skills in Adobe Photoshop, I have also become more confident in myself I and was able to give the presentation today without being as nervous as I normally would, However to be critical there is still room for me to improve such as editing in Adobe Photoshop and if I present again I would like to speak in more detail but overall I’m happy with my input into todays presentation and the group overall. I also think our group have worked really well together to produce industry standard outcomes!


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