Final Images | Why?

All of our three final images are images Bart has edited, To be critical about this the reason for choosing his images is because he is more skilled in Adobe Photoshop than me, He also edited more images than me as especially with the billboard Photoshop crashed and by the time I was able to do much Bart had done a professional image which I really liked and we all wanted to use so it made it pointless for me to edit when we had an amazing image already. We never used Becky’s images as she knows more on how to manipulate images in Adobe Photoshop rather than the graphic side, Barts images are a lot more professional compared to mine but Bart has always asked for mine and Becky’s opinion on his editing, He also allowed me to take his images and do the typography this helped us all collectively be involved with our final pieces.

The first outcome we had was a A3 poster the slogan for this was “Don’t be so negative. Just do it.” Bart made a blog post about how we got to the final image, The reason for this is because when Bart edited the image he inverted it to make it a negative, this is then where the slogan came from.

Our second outcome was a Billboard for obvious reasons this couldn’t be printed instead Becky took a photo of a billboard by her house then from the edited image Bart added this into the billboard so it looked although we had made a billboard. This I think is the most effective image as everything relates and it looks catchy and even to industry standard.

Our third outcome was a magazine front cover, We used Barts hand and a shoelace wrapped around the fork, We edited this image I then took the image from Bart and added the typography into it the slogan “WE ARE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN.”

The purpose for choosing the three images is because we all sat as a group and critically debated what angles where best and how we could edit them, We have then gone on to edit independently and choose an image we liked best. We have chosen all three of Barts as they were the most imaginative, professional outcomes. I have then gone on to add typography and even while working independently we have all asked for opinions so throughout the editing process we all have had input and this has helped to make images more effective.


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