Personal Statement | Research

Over the week break we have been told to plan a personal statement, I have used UCAS and Pinterest to help give me information in what to write for my personal statement I quite like this I found on Pinterest:6c4085db76a81af4598bbb61fcc9a0deIn my mind I have no idea on what I can say to explain to universities why I am someone they should have on their course, I think within time I will be able to write a good personal statement but right now I’m still trying to figure out how to sell myself in the best possible way. As I don’t think I’m ready to begin writing a draft I’m going to follow this timeline and first start off by looking into the universities I’m interested in and checking the qualities they want, I am then going to see if any of the universities I have chosen or that are close and I’m able to go to just to have a taste of what it is I’m going to in the future will help a lot.


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