“Catch your Crave” – Creating our Billboard

This is one of our final outcomes which Bart completed, This is a highly effective outcome and through watching Bart do some of the editing I have took away more skills to use in Adobe Photoshop. Also awesome job to Becky for capturing amazing images and Bart for his Awesome editing!


I have taken the liberty to edit the final images that our team’s Photographer; Becky, took. The images were great and we didn’t need to edit them heavily which is great as this is all about Art Direction where we should try to get as close to the final finish as we possibly can just by taking the Picture and not by editing a mediocre image, however this was not the case here. Great Job Becky!

Here’s what I have done to create our Billboard:

First of all, I researched the correct size for a billboard. The most common size that we have found was a 20 inches in height and 60 inches in width. This means that the document that we would create would be of that size, making everything rather large. Never the less, since this is my first Billboard, I’d rather stick to that size and not…

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