Don’t be so Negative

This is another final outcome which Bart edited, This is highly professional all of our group agreed that this should without a doubt be used for our A3 poster!


For out A3 Poster, we have decided to use our  4 piece tower. With that image opened in photoshop, I have undergone the same process of development as I did with the “Catch your Crave” billboard, accept that I have used the Invert option to add a layer that made the image negative, however I have then used the eraser tool to bring back the Pink colour from the shoe as I believed that it gave more “Pop” to the image. I used the same font and texture to add that “Little bit more” to the image and called the design complete.

Again, I presented the idea to the rest of the team and happily they approved. I didn’t bother showing different examples to my team as the process and design would be the same as the Billboard’s “Catch your Crave”. Because of this, my team knows what I can…

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