Photo Shoots – Studio Photography

One of my team members Becky has the role of being photographer this is a blog post about our “Catch your crave” shoot in the blog post she explains the steps we took in order to get to our final.


(only a selection of images)

This was the first photo shoot that I done with the help of my team mates. I needed to make it look as professional as possible because this shoot is meant to promote Nike as a company so I had to present and position the objects in a way that I think nike would if they has do use these two objects. The first two images I think represent ‘top of the food chain’ more than the other images because its like the shoe is on top of the cutlery. This was originally the test shoot however because of the quality of the images we decide to used these as our final images.

This was the test photo shoot for ‘Catch Your Crave’ which we did this because we needed to know what set up worked best and what created the image better for us…

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