For our first project we got told to look at the definition of Art Direction with this we took the definition and added it to our blogs this then led to us researching collaboration, these were both positive and negative. I looked at Rita Ora and Addidas compared to Rihanna and Puma. This was good to compare as both of the celebrities took on different roles. Rihanna hasn’t only made a clothing line but she has became creative director for women’s clothes with Puma. Even though this was only a little research once we where put into groups that’s when the research really begun.

Our first project for year two was a collaborative brief “What’s in the box.” Based around Art Direction. We began by being placed into teams. I got paired with Bart and Becky; The first thing we did was decide our roles I took on being Graphic Designer, Bart took the role of Creative Director and Becky took the role of Photography. Along with these roles we took other roles such as Becky had colour management, Bart had Photoshop editor and I had typographic designer. These roles weren’t as important but all built up a structure so we knew what each team member was doing.

Once we mind mapped our strengths this then meant we had to pick the object we would be working with out “the box.” One team member went up to the box and picked an object this would then be the object we would be working with. first we picked an egg but as a group we decided that this wasn’t a good idea as none of us could see a good outcome being created from this, We then had a sixteen piece cutlery set which we decided to keep. After this we chose a word our first word was tabular none of us even knew what this meant we then found out it meant tables we got the choice to swap which we did we ended up with the word simple and considering we could use this in our work or writing. We then had to pick an outcome we where the lucky ones and got given three, however we didn’t see this as a bad thing because this meant we could have more ideas and three of us in a group could collectively come together to create the best most creative pieces possible.


This led to us completing more research on our blogs such as the colour Nike uses, Nikes typeface, what is Nike (band mission statement)? This is just a few blog posts that I did so I was able to discuss with my team we all used each other’s blogs to check the work we had been doing and add a comment at the end of each member’s blog post to elaborate more on what the person had researched. For example I looked at collaborations Rihanna and Puma, and Rita Ora with Adidas. From researching and looking into both of these collaborations I personally think the most successful is Rita Ora because from the designing process she’s involved, Whereas Rihanna is just leaving the hard work for other people to do. My team member agreed with me and said that the information on my blog is good enough to persuade other people to agree with me. However, to be critical I didn’t have any stats to be able to justify my view on both First of all Kanye West and Nike collaboration was highly anticipated with the shoes being sold at $245 and selling out in eleven minutes he didn’t get a share of the profit made off Nike as they didn’t see him as an athlete. I think this is partly why Kanye moved to Adidas and he says being with Nike felt like felt like he ‘suffocated’ with Nike but with Adidas he had ‘Oxygen.’ Personally I think that the Adidas shoe is better than

collaborations and Rihannas is quite new whereas Rita Ora’s is new but she has brought clothing out, and I can see the collaboration for myself and have an idea on if its successful or not. As both these collaborations are fairly new I would rather be able to be critical about collaboration because of this I also researched

All of our team did this, in order to help when it came to creating a final outcome. One of the most important parts of research was seeing how Nike present their final outcomes as a brand, even if it wasn’t based around Art Direction things such as colour, type and layout could all be taken into consideration when we where creating our final pieces.

Idea Generation

The first idea we had was to make a watch out of the cutlery, however, we were soon to realise that Art Direction isn’t about making a product for the brand with the object we were given but promoting the brand with the object that we had. After this we had a bright idea to bend and mould some of the cutlery so we could make a replica of the Michael Jordan model and keep it simple with the typography “Just do it. Its simple.” We had planned that this would work well for a final outcome. We didn’t waste no time and with Becky in photography Bart and me went into the workshop to begin. This is where our first problem happened. As we began to use the equipment we realised the cutlery was quite cheap and the metal wouldn’t bend and only break. We did try with a blog post being created called ‘#FAIL’ explaining how we tried to use some cutlery that we wasn’t going to use for example: We used a knife at first with a lot of different equipment. This however, only bent slightly and then broke.


This wasn’t the only problem the equipment we wanted to use was either broken or not there to use we tried everything as we where so set on the idea we even rang a blacksmiths to see if they would allow us to use there space to let our idea come to life, because of this we had no choice but to have to come up with a new idea.

With Becky still in photography it was up to me and Bart to come up with an idea and have Becky approve. We were too focused on the idea of Michael Jordan so we took it back to basic flat graphics, after a while an idea popped into my head to create a ladder with the Nike shoe on top because Nike is the best selling sports shoe brand earning $26.3 billion and the only shoe brand above it is Louis Vuitton. The next sports shoe brand to Nike is Adidas earning $6.8 billion.

Bart then included “Top of the food chain.” We were happy with this and Becky approved; as a group we decided to get straight into it and begin a test shoot. The test shoot happened the next day as we were able to use the studio upstairs, Becky took some photographs, once we were satisfied we came back down to discuss what images we liked and manipulated them so we knew what type of image we wanted for the final outcome, this allowed us to plan and use our time effectively to ensure that we evaluated our outcomes at each stage to enable us to progress onto the next. When we were reflecting, looking at the images, we all said these were highly professional and there was no point in wasting time to do another shoot when we already have good images to work with. Straight away we started editing, we all took an image and edited we then critically discussed what needed to change about each image and what we liked about them, therefore we were constructive with our feedback. The image I edited turned out quite good the only problem was the composition of the photo made the Cutlery we used look a bit like we where knitting needles instead of cutlery. We decided that if we where set on using this image we would have to re-take it and have a better composition of the camera or somehow move the for and knife so it did look like cutlery and people would be able to tell straight away.

We then had Becky’s image which was good but it was more photo manipulation and as me and Bart where the graphic designers we had to change the image, Bart had then edited a hand which was holding a fork with a Nike shoelace attached around it, he then made the arm Green and the shoelace red. He added a Grey background as he was sticking to keeping it simple. We didn’t say this idea was our final but we knew that it was really good and quite simple editing. We knew that Nike advertisements are normally quite simple anyway as part of our research we looked into ways Nike advertise our outcomes I took the part of magazines and on my blog I have attached images which keeps the idea of being smart with how they promote their products, whether its the slogan or what they use within the advertisement, The colours are also simple with a black background as whatever their promoting they want that to be the main focus when it hits someone’s eye.

After this we used the same studio images Bart had edited an image, and he had inverted the colour he used the original that was good but he also showed us the inverted version that we liked more, this was originally going to be “Top of the food chain.” Over time Bart suggested we have “Don’t be so negative. Just do it.

Critically speaking this is a good slogan for Nike I know from seeing advertisements and knowing the slogan “Just do it.” They give positive messages through advertisements, which they have done already. They’ve used slogans like “My time is now” or “Know limitations. Then defy them.” Our message was positive and had a point to it inspiring people like our brand Nike does.

We all approved because this made sense to the editing and we could use “Top of the food chain.” For the hand holding the fork. Our last idea was also Bart’s slogan he had the idea to create “Catch your crave” this idea consisted of someone lying on the floor with a Knife and Fork in their hand creating the look as if they where trying to catch the shoe placed in front of them. This then led to us deciding it should look like someone is running so it goes with the slogan more. We wanted to get started with this idea as soon as we could, but we couldn’t get into a studio; We were now lost slightly in what to do but we got on with it and decided to do a test shoot even though we knew the images wouldn’t be amazing we were able to pick up the composition we wanted meaning we had less to do and could possibly do a final shoot in the studio when we where able to.

With the images we had taken, we decided on composition the next Monday afternoon, we where with Amy in a room which had a studio. Becky decided on black backdrop for the shoot she then placed the lights while me and Bart were models, she told us where to stand and took some shots. While doing this me and Bart were included and had our opinion on where a shot could be taken. We then got to editing again we knew this idea was best for our billboard we found the size which was appropriate 20x60cm was the size we had to set our documents in Adobe Photoshop. We then added the image in and stretched it from the corner as far as it could go without stretching the image because this obviously didn’t cover the whole billboard we had to rasterise the image and use the marquee tool to select some of the background and the rest of the billboard which was white we right clicked and selected fill which made the background the same as the image took. My Mac however was a slight problem as it was freezing a lot if this was a live brief serious amount of money would be lost as the brand would be pushed back for bringing the product/advertisement out. This would also mean people working for Nike would have to work quicker and possibly longer hours than being on schedule because deadlines have to be met.

However, for this project this meant that my editing was put back because my Mac was slow by the time my Mac began to work Bart’s manipulated image was near enough finished, I liked this a lot and was only most likely going to come out with a very similar outcome as he kept to keeping it simple. We then decided that this image was also at industry standard to use it.

Even though we didn’t have many ideas the ones we had were good, our other ideas that I won’t go into detail about was Rob’s shoe and the cutlery underneath so we could use other brands, however we realised if this was a real advert using other competitors may be against copyright.

With having our final images basically edited the only thing left to do was add the typography. Bart added the “Catch your Crave” and Nike logo and I took the role of adding “Top of the food chain.” Along with this I suggested to the group that I would bring a magazine in which we then would allow us to take our outcome a step further and add a fold I did this by using the crop tool to stretch out the image and then adding typography and the Nike logo I then printed this off and we stuck it the magazine which I brought in this meant our final two images where completed fully and we didn’t have to worry about them only show them on presentation day. The third image was our poster, Bart added the typography into this, whilst he did this I suggested using a brush to lightly make the pink on the shoe look more neon so it stood out more, Bart agreed with this and once he added more pink into the shoe asked for my opinion I said this looked a lot better and make the shoe look newer, this shows that as a team we where able to communicate together to make the best pieces possible As for me individually being able to work with people who take on my opinions has helped me to gain confidence in realising my ideas can improve our work as a whole

From doing this and the typography done all we had to do was print and stick the poster to foam board and our three images where done.


With all of our images being done we now only had to work on the presentation we used Prezi which was a bit of a pain as only one of us could work on it so we had to keep changing over to be able to have all had a part in it. Prezi also kept pausing on us slowing the pace down for us a team to complete the presentation. We got quite stuck into it, yet it seemed we had a lot of writing on screen which people wont read we decided to scrap a lot of text and have it written on flash cards so more visuals where on the screen than anything. Along with the planning one of our team members Becky was losing her voice, this meant we had to have a backup plan in case on the day Becky still had no voice.

Presentation day came and Becky’s voice still hadn’t came back Bart said he would speak for her and I also helped along the way. The presentation went quite well even though we didn’t completely say everything we wanted it went fine and nothing went wrong especially with the final outcomes. At the end of the presentation we asked the class if they would play a Kahoot quiz we made in order to include the class a little bit more. The Kahoot quiz helped us to know more on what the class liked and if they where listening to our presentation.

Overall, I have enjoyed the group project I have learnt from Becky the amount of ways to take photos and how to capture light better, also from Bart I have been able to watch Bart editing in Adobe Photoshop giving me some new skills to take on to future projects, he has also helped me to voice my opinions a bit more than usual. I have enjoyed working as a group as it’s a lot different being individual and we have been able to bring ideas together. I think I have completed my role within the group quite well, however I would have liked to have edited some more images but we had amazing outcomes either way. I have but because of problems with my Mac running slow this has meant that most of the time I have sat with Bart and watched him edit images and add my opinion to it and suggest to him if I would edit anything differently from him. Potentially this has helped Bart develop images differently from the way he normally would have, This shows the effectiveness which our group has had being able to communicate well and even though problems have came around we have dealt with them by working together instead of individually dealing with it on our own quickly. Reflecting back on this project if this was done in real time it most likely would’ve went well however we did have a few push backs with photo shoots not being able to happen at the right time and in the industry time is money and this would’ve meant money would have been lost.Our work relates to Nike quite well as when researching there was one Nike advertisement which stood out in-particular that was Nike shoes look like apart of the body this is art direction as they had something which they had to relate to the shoe. As a team we can also relate to Nike because we worked well and had good communication as from our experience there was no problems there that stopped us from developing our ideas which is a key thing for Nike to have to be able to be successful and sell there products well to keep there customers happy where as we were keeping the audience happy and interested in wanting to see all of our three outcomes and having them at the same standard as each other. From working collaboratively I can reflect and see how we all put our individuality into the project however if this was a practitioner they wouldn’t be including there feelings as they would stick to a set brief to develop an outcome that the brand was happy with and not themselves as an individual.


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