There is many types of advertisement such as Billboards, Posters, Adverts, Radio, Flyers, Social Media, Email.

A billboard is an advertisement at size 20X60cm (Photoshop) usually advertised in places where cars are most likely going to come past this is will be especially used if little amount of text is needed to promote something.

Posters are used differently such as concerts or club promotion, This is a cheap way to promote an event and look professional if done right. Another thing about posters is many people can spread the message around then on social media some advertisements now can also have a bar code or a logo which allows you to go to a site or unlock something such as the app Shazam.

Adverts can be used in a couple of ways the first is Television this is the most effective way to promote a company especially if your a big brand such as Nike. Time varies but adverts last around 30-45 seconds promoting things such as a product, brand, show, film. This is one of the most expensive ways costing around £22500 for 30 seconds and increasing as time increases, The time the advert is shown is important  for example: if a popular TV show is on more people will be watching so lets say your advertising with ITV at 8pm but a show such as X Factors on because its a higher rated show they want more money because their promoting you to a wider audience. The second way they can be used is in the cinema, Generally these are only film previews but sometimes 02 will advertise as they do ticket offers for films but this also promotes their brand so people will buy there phones I don’t think this aims at people 50+ .

Using the radio to promote something is mainly around your area such as local events, taxi numbers, etc This is because its not too expensive but if what your advertising is quite known around your local area already your broadening the business further. This will works well but only if the radio channel you advertise on is correct for example I wouldn’t advertise a Justin Bieber concert on smooth FM as it doesn’t reach his target audience of young teenage girls.

Flyers are used around your local area I think of this mostly takeaway leaflets as this is an easy way for them to advertise around the area very cheaply and gain business from it,

Social Media is slowly becoming more and more  popular as advertising can be done in many ways such as if a well known celebrity releases their album a tweet can promote the album so much as everyone talks, retweets saving money and time for people to buy the album. The only problem with this is if its a product such as Nivea have a new soap coming out and they use Youtube as their method of advertisement people are going to see it but their not going to buy it because it doesn’t aim to me I don’t suddenly  think oh I have to have this there just most likely going to skip it, I know myself I skip adverts on Youtube unless it is about music or a message if not it doesn’t seem important and I most likely think everyone else does that. It will reach some people its just not the most effective way.

Email is a way of sending advertisements I think depending what the item is this works especially for people who may be subscribed to something which sends them products it makes it easier for them to see but I think out of every way of advertising this is the least effective way because mail can get lost in spam mail, it can be deleted easily and not forgotten about this isn’t a waste of money if your target audience use email as a method to find products but if not this won’t work and can be a waste of money depending on how many subscribers you have 500 or less is £35 and having 50000 can cost £595.

These are all different forms and have a completely different target audience than others for example if I was advertising a Kanye West album the best way to do this would be by having an advert but using advertisement on social media such as Youtube, Spotify as these are people who are more likely to be interested in his music where as if flyers where used his target audience aren’t going to be reached as their not going to look at flyers as much as their going to look at Twitter or Faceboook.

This works the same way for advertising to older viewers for example Flyers would be a perfect opportunity to advertise a taxi company this is for a couple of reasons advertising a taxi company on social media wouldn’t work this may reach out to the wrong people that aren’t from your area there is also a problem that people aged 50+ wont use social media much or know how to use it at all and having a leaflet is something they can keep and remember to use. Another reason something like this wouldnt happen is because advertising online will cost money especially if you want to advertise to only certain people and the bigger the size of the advert the higher the cost, This isnt appropriate as its more likely to be a local business where as compared to Kanye West he is well know worldwide and advertising on social media is a quicker way for his fans to spread the word about his album.


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