Unit 10 | Portfolio


This is the start of my portfolio I have planned my first two pages I am not happy with the images and I am still uncertain about the background as it doesn’t look professional. Right now I feel like as long as I have the writing down I can come back to the layout once I know what I want to use before printing my portfolio out.


I also decided I want to include some drawings this was the very first digital art that I completed its not the best but I think its effective  I want to get better with digital drawing however I want to show diversity within my portfolio to show universities I’m not just good at one certain area and I can be diverse throughout my portfolio I want to show my skills and how I am someone they should accept because I can progress further from this, To be able to structure this into my portfolio I want to place it next to another drawing but I would rather this be a completely traditional drawing to show both sets of skills within my portfolio.


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