Personal Statement

I suppose I have always had an interest in Graphics in some sort of way as I have always been the person to sketch little things on paper I’m not the strongest drawer in the world but drawing more can only make me better and get me to the point I want to be. I became interested in Graphics when I realised the careers you could get out of it; Although it didn’t completely start like this it happened when I had to pick a technology subject in school for my GCSE’s I’m not a very good cook nor can i sew this is where my only option was graphics or art I figured Graphics was something I should do as I love drawing but now I could do it digitally, However Graphics in school wash’t what I wanted it to be pretty boring and basic being stuck drawing because software being there but teachers being afraid to use it held me back from the graphic design I wanted to do. Even though this happened I still seemed to really want to do graphics because of this I took it into my own hands to decide that sixth form wasn’t for me and applying to college was going to be better as I would have more time to study something that was going to be useful to me for the rest of my life. With this being said I looked into some colleges which did graphic design the first was Hugh Baird I instantly knew this was where I needed to be to study to be able to progress in the direction I wanted.

Personally, I would say that I am good at traditional based methods such as Drawing, Typography, Pattern design, Once I have done them traditionally taking the piece of work I have done and editing it in the appropriate software is next. I am looking forward to progressing with Typography and experimenting more with it to get an outcome more digital based and improve from what I have done to see the difference in the way I work now compared to then; As well as wanting to take things digital being able to experiment more with traditional methods for example I would like to be able to use glass in order to create a 3D outcome of a letter or a word. This could lead me into doing 3D plan designs using the appropriate software and designing how I want it to look but also keeping the real world in mind as from coming to university I want to leave knowing I am able to put a piece of work out there traditional or digital and especially traditional it will be safe to touch.

As well as working with typography I have also worked collaboratively studying Art Direction with a Photographer and a fellow Graphic Designer. This was fun to do as we all had our own unique way of working. For me working with a Graphic Designer has helped me to communicate my ideas more as anything goes. I have also watched how he edits allowing me to learn new skills in digital software such as Adobe Photoshop, Along with this working with a photographer was different than expected as I have now been able to take into consideration that an image has to has a thought process to be able to develop and have a good outcome. Watching photography I now take into consideration colour, Composition of the camera and the person/object to be able to capture the tiniest of details correctly such as a shadow. My input into the group was having solid research to backup my groups plan as well as this I have also been critical about the teams work and added the typography into the images. I look forward to doing a project collaboratively again as I would like to change my role and work in Adobe Photoshop more and edit the images rather than being in charge of typography. Working in a group definitely helped my confidence in sharing thoughts, being able to present confidently and know my team were always ready to listen and take into consideration my ideas. From working collaboratively I have learnt how time orientated and planned you have to be to get jobs done as especially in the real world time is money and communication is what makes everything work for a team to get an outcome that others will appreciate. A project that I haven’t done that I would love to do would be working on social/cultural issues, Graphic design can help make a big impact through a message that can  be so simple, This type of project would help me learn about issues going on in the world and communicate the message to others through design. One of the most important things for me would be able to to study something important to me and show the way I feel about it in that particular issue through my outcomes.

I have also worked in a sandwich shop, This has been good as I am able to deal with more than one task at a time and do it well, Along with this I have done catering this is quite similar to working in the sandwich shop apart from I am able to set up and set up quickly. I would like to do some work in the future with a charity whether that was doing some type of graphic design work or helping out.

From coming to university I want to leave independent and ready to apply for work knowing I am the best at what I do. Working now I am independent and I am able to complete work on my own; But the reason I am applying for university is because I want to become the best and leave knowing the career I am going to go into I will be ready for no matter what the job will be whether its advertisement or its motion graphics. Lets think of this as magic right now I know how to do the basics but I’m not in the magic circle, I’m not the best and the only way I can be the best is by studying the subject more to perfect every piece of software digital and traditional to my advantage knowing everything I can to develop into a job confidently and complete successful industry design pieces. I also think university will help me develop further with communicating with people being able to go into a graphic design job and learn from other people how they work and how you communicate with someone who has came to get work done from the business but they cant see the outcome like a graphic designer would, Knowing how to explain something wouldn’t work or how the colours will clash and suggest other options and be able to not only let me design the best pieces possible but help them to get a successful outcome that they want.


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