Portfolio | Going Back


Today I decided to go back and fix pages I wasn’t entirely happy with, This meant that I had to use the studio in order to be able to photography some of my FMP book so it looked more professional allowing me to place these in my portfolio. I took various images but the images above where the ones I was most happy with,

To ensure that my FMP pages where completed I decided to go back into my work and focus on changing the background as for me before it didn’t make any sense and most importantly it didn’t look good. To start off I created a completely new background, Once this was done I worked on changing the font and placing the font so it made the page look more clean I was then happy with this but still wasn’t with the images, This is where I decided to do a photo shoot in order to have more effective, professional images.The images above are the ones I decided where fins I didn’t use them all as this would be stupid having my FMP book with me I decided I needed to show research and then my drawings as this would give someone looking at my portfolio more of an idea into how I work.

The images above I only had to slightly edit in Adobe Photoshop using the crop tool and Auto Colour just so the white came back into them instead of the yellowness created from the studio lights I did this on all of the images  they where only minor edits but when coming to print my portfolio make it more satisfying for someone to look at and appreciate my work more. As I didn’t get  a chance to upload my pages I’m going to do this tomorrow so I can then do another blog post to update my portfolio further.


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