Secondary Sources

This is a book published on ISSUU which I found that is about Liverpool One through this I have found a lot of different images however not much which relate completely to my brief representing Liverpool the ISSUU book is above which you are able to scroll through its easy to understand why because most of it is about student accommodation showing the buildings and as much as Liverpool has good universities from my perspective its not something that I would come to Liverpool to see and just looking at a billboard for the outcome if I didn’t include the word Liverpool or something which everyone knows is in Liverpool no one would know what the billboard is aiming at.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 14.59.27.png

For my research I have looked at photographers who take photos of Liverpool. The images above have been taken by Shaun Jeffers  I found his blog while just on google images I love the images he has taken from the quality you can tell he’s used a digital lens, I love how clear the images are and the composition has been taken from the right angle to be able to capture the light. I think the shutter speed has been set for a longer time so more light is captured in the image as from my eye point some of the light looks slightly brighter than it would off a normal shutter speed. When doing my images this is something to think about as his lens could be a better quality than mine therefore its clearer and I need to change settings on mine such as aperture and shutter speed so I get the perfect light and then I shouldn’t have to edit much in Adobe Photoshop.I think when taking photographs my image is going to aim more at people 20+ because the image is going to show Liverpool in the night which can attract these type of people however up to now my image is going to be of Matthew Street which is more relatable to people in their younger 20’s as this may be a place they want to go to enjoy the nightlife.

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While researching further into images I found another photographer Ron Davies during winter snow has fallen over Liverpool and he has taken images in the day this is a bit different from the ones I have found already as its in the day The one I mostly like is the shot taken from St. Georges hall to show the bombed out church from a far shot. This would aim at people interested in coming to Liverpool as one of the places they could visit. These images to me aim more on showing buildings in Liverpool this is a good idea as if my target audience is going to be tourists they want to see what buildings they should visit and could also give them an idea into their own photography. If I wanted to add snow into my work this would most likely have to be added using Adobe Photoshop to make it look realistic however I don’t see how this would promote Liverpool so the time it would take to edit would most likely be pointless as I don’t know if it would even work well.

From Rob Davies I can say I see promoting Liverpool a little differently. I love the way he has captured the images and not just took them bur shown surroundings to them. I like this idea of promoting Liverpool as when doing a collage having space to work with is important to still be able to tell the aim of promotion. The project is Liverpool and including little things which make Liverpool what it is and the main focus being an iconic building could be kept in mind to when I come to my developments.


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