Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.10.12

My UCAS is nearly done. All I have to add now is my personal statement which I am going to do with Mike.

I have been working on my UCAS since September throughout that time I have been working on my portfolio pages and my UCAS as deadline is near I have been working harder to get my UCAS sent off to meet the deadline All of my boxes where complete and the last thing to do was my personal statement I have shown Shirley, Mike and Julia and they all had comments on what I could add and take away from to improve. This meant I ended up with 70 lines for my personal statement therefore I couldn’t really delete a few words to reach 47 lines. This became a task for me however Mike suggested taking out a paragraph of work I haven’t completed as it was the only part of my personal statement which he said was good as it shows research to the courses I’m applying for but its least relevant. When i uploaded my personal statement it shown 42 lines of completion because I wanted to show research in my portfolio I added the paragraph taken out back in which took me to 45 lines I then had another sentence at the beginning of my personal statement which I added back in which then took me to 47 lines. With this being done I took a picture and clicked save.

From completing this it meant the last thing to do was the pay/send section I ticked all of the boxes this then came up with the picture above telling me my application has been sent off.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 15.30.06.png

I was then able to check my emails to make sure that my application had definitely been sent off. This is a screenshot of the email I received from UCAS telling me that my application had been sent off and no mistakes had been made.


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