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This is a page I have added into my Portfolio, The reason for this is I want to show I can do digital art although this isn’t the best there is reasons for this the biggest me not having a mouse and not using Photoshop ever before to complete a drawing made it a little harder to get the shading right and blend. However this is a good outcome that I’m happy enough with to show in my Portfolio.

I have also made some changes to my FMP pages I’m still not 100% happy but I don’t want to sit and concentrate on one piece so much that I’m behind on my portfolio work as long the writing is there and the images are clear I can come back and change the background in the future, Another aspect I’m not happy with is the font ‘Arial black.” just a no go I’m going to definitely revisit these pages some time soon again to change them so I’m 100% happy with them especially as they are going to be my first pages.paint cardboard creative thinking experiment29b74430869031.5637453d40dae.jpgtshirt designThe next pages I want to add are from my individual project, This project I looked into T-shirt design and how T-shirts are made however the ending was to do a presentation and the presentation board I had I don’t want to include as its pretty basic because of this I made a new page using a development which I hadn’t used for my final of my presentation, I was able to do this in Adobe Illustrator by using the pen tool to copy round a button up shirt and a T-shirt, I looked into different ways of layout for this but in the end I decided keeping it simple especially as theres patterns within my work I want them to be the main focus and a certain background may take away the concentration of my work, I’m quite certain I’m happy with this and I cant imagine me going back to complete this I can say that this is four pages done of my portfolio unless I decide to change something.


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