Leeds | 1 symbol = 4 images

This is a piece of mixed media I produced as a piece of work which Leeds college of Art asked for. The brief gives you four symbols and allows you to pick one and create four images showing what this means to you. I chose thoughts as the symbol which I was going to create four images. I decided I wanted one of them to represent anger to me the colours red and black represent this emotion. I also think purple is a colour which can be seen positive and negatively which is why I only used it slightly to show the anger is growing turning darker as someone is becoming more angry.


To also carry this further in Adobe Photoshop I decided to screen record me inverting the picture to show a different emotion. The invert to me show calmness as blue and white to me represent peaceful colours which are laid back.

These are the three images which I completed for Leeds university. From looking at them nothing stands out to me my strongest piece is my photography. I have decided I would like to re-do the traditional drawing on the girl as this was meant to be thoughts and instead it just doesn’t indicate that. Along with this my “Be unique it makes the world colourful” looks too simple as I am using typography I need to show the university that I am skilled in this area and can use it to my advantage because of this I am going to use Adobe Illustrator to develop this further. Looking at two of my outcomes they include a thoughts bubble this has given me the idea to include this in each piece of work I do, As the gif doesn’t include it I have decided to add this in at the end to make it look more professional.


I used Adobe Illustrator to work with my type. I have never used the perspective tool before but using this has given me the outcome above. This is effective because the type looks more professional and gives a dimension to the image. This piece shows I can work within Adobe Illustrator produce a piece of flat graphics and use typography this is good as Leeds study typography as one of the projects. I also think this shows how simple I can produce a piece of work and use creative thinking to think outside the box.

piece 1

I also sent my second piece off which was done traditionally and 3d by using cardboard I created a thought bubble and then placed items in it which represent me a lot of it is paint as I love mixed media, I also included a pen, Pencil, Paintbrush and fabric pens in red and blue in particular because I love using these colours with black or white.


For my third image I produced an illustration with no editing in Adobe Photoshop at all I drew a face and coming off it looking like a brain which then represents a thought bubble. To me this represents someone being quiet but having crazy thoughts as the pink and orange are bright and the yellow leading out suggests creativity to me. This isn’t perfect but I like it and I think this shows that I can be quite experimental within my work to see what an outcome looks like.


I then re-opened my gif and on the last three slides added pain bubbles which I took from my photography image inverting them so they fit with the last image this gave me this outcome. This now doesn’t just show paint on a page but shows a thought process to the thought at the end which when people look at it they aren’t going to expect.

Overall I am happy with the work I have completed for Leeds and this was a fun challenge to do having four different ideas for one symbol. I have now sent my work off as an email for Leeds to consider and I will be able to see soon if I get an interview on UCAS.


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