Personal Statement | Help

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For help with writing my personal statement I have taken words from both MMU and UAL. The words I found that I thought are crucial to my personal statement where:  Record, Inform, Promote, Presentation, Interdisciplinary and Interactive. Along with this I also decided to find a project which I haven’t completed and talk about doing it in the future I decided on Ethical Concerns as my moving image project can be based around that outcome.

I also wrote down what I’m best at. My strong points are Creative Thinking, Mixed Media, Flat Graphics and how I present ideas rather than sticking to normal rules.

This was all something to work with within my personal statement not only showing how  I do my work but showing myself as an individual.

From now completing my personal statement I used all of these words in my personal statement as this is what UAL and MMU are going to be looking for and will highlight that I’ve researched through their course and know what its about.

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In my personal statement I also included a bookbinding workshop as I think its important for me to keep my traditional skills strong this is going  to take place in the Open Eye Gallery on the 20th December which I would like to go to and learn more about to help me with developing my work in the future.


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