Behance | FMP Changes

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 17.31.46.png

Once uploading my images to Behance I took time to criticise what I didn’t like about them I realised that these two pages didn’t make my work look good. Taking it back to basics I used the same documents and took the background off. This looked plain and too simple because of this I used Behance in order to find examples of layout the ones I liked where simple I found this example of templates I decided that making borders would be good to keep my work clean and simple and help only my work stand out. To start off I placed guides on my page to figure out how big I wanted the borders to be Once all of my guides where equal I took the marquee tool and made a box to fit up to the guideline. From this I used the fill tool selecting a colour similar to this. I then copied the box and used the selection tool to move it across to the right side and set it parallel on my page. I did the same steps for the horizontal sides on my page to complete my borders.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 15.16.381e2ffe31924193.5666f9e8d63a5

My first FMP page to show the research and development of my book showed two screenshots one of my blog and another of me working in Adobe InDesign. This is to show progression within my work and not only outcomes. I used guides again to decide how fair in my images where going to be and where my text should be. I placed my images on the right of my page and used the opacity tool to set one of them at around 70% to place them over each other and use free transform to make sure they where both the same size. Once this was done I used the selection tool to place the images following my guides and fitting them correctly. I still had my text as I was working in the document which had the old background already on it. Allowing me to use the selection tool to move the text to the left of the page. I kept the text right aligned along with the titles I also placed a new guide on so the text couldn’t go past a certain point and mix with the borders on the page. I also used horizontal guides to place my text slightly lower than the images. This worked effectively as it set a structure to my page.


My final image worked the same as my first page with the background apart from I had three images to add so I had to change the layout. As this is going to be placed right to the first page it didn’t make sense to have the text placed left because somewhere in my portfolio this will be placed. From my individual opinion I think if the text was placed left this wouldn’t look although I have completed talking about this project and I would expect another page to go with it. I still kept structure using guides to stay a certain amount away from my borders along with keeping the same font and my text right aligned.

From reviewing my work I can see the Karl Lagerfeld has a white piece of text in it, I’m not certain to why but this will be fixed before I print this off A3 for my portfolio. I also may try taking the border on the last page off on the left to conjoin the pages together slightly more and show its one project. From doing these two pages I have also realised that all of my pages should be kept simple to showcase my work as having backgrounds which are too much are only going to overshadow my work so keeping it simple but effective will showcase my portfolio more professionally.


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