Graphic Image Making

Graphic image making is visual images which are made to inform, entertain or illustrate. This can be done by traditional methods such as mixed media, Painting, sketches, print making. You can also do this digitally in software such as Adobe Photoshop to help manipulate images. Adobe Illustrator is used to add typography or flat graphics into the image. Along with this Adobe Photoshop can also make gifs which could create a moving billboard however depending on how big the file is you may have to go into After Effects to be able to create a moving image.

In my project I have to inform people about Liverpool while making this advertisement look professional and well known because of this I am going to use well known places in Liverpool and use both traditional and digital media to develop my outcomes. When producing my developments I can’t forget that I have to advertise this informs me that I am going to have to always come back to a clean cut outcome to stick to the tasks in my assignment brief.


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