University Choices | Why?

From the beginning of unit 10 I had to make decisions about university. The fist thing was to study at home or away from looking into universities I made sure I looked into a wide range so I had the knowledge to make my decisions. From looking I made my five choices three where close to home and two where away.

The first choice I made was Hugh Baird University. After looking at the course and seeing what it was like there are many aspects of study that I would love to further develop such as typography. As this was one of my first projects I did in college and I would like to progress in the area both digitally and traditionally. Another area of study which I would like to learn about is cultural/social issues, This is an important area to study within as people need to know whats going on in the world and visual communication plays a role in history as they portray a message.

My second choice I made was Manchester Metropolitan.This was the main university that I wanted to apply for from looking at their course I can see they also study Typography. This is good because I now know that two of my five universities will study this subject which I want to progress further in. Along with this I can see MMU study Image and Idea.This is something I don’t know much about however from the title sounds interesting and challenging. As one of my strong points is flat graphics this could be useful while doing this project.

My last choice for staying at home is Liverpool John Moores. I wasn’t massively interested in this at the beginning but from my research I decided that this is a good place to progress further just like Hugh Baird John Moores teach cultural/social issues which is definitely something that I want to know more about they also study motion graphics. This is similar to a project coming up in project about moving image even though I haven’t yet done this I’m looking forward to completing it and if going to John moores this will be something I am able to compare with the work I would complete in higher education.

My next two choices are away the first is UAL from looking at the university I can see its one of the top to study art in. Looking at the graphics course social issues comes up again as a topic to study However, I think there would be a massive difference in studying here because London is massive with more things happening than Liverpool making it easier to have ideas and more people will have different opinions on issues going on. UAL do exhibition graphics this I imagine to be similar to FMP however on a bigger scale, The reason I think I have applied to UAL is because I can push myself to do the best work I can and progress further with Graphics.

My last choice is Leeds College of Art. The course looks into collaboration and as this is a topic which I have already studied and can say I enjoyed. This would be a different surrounding and new people to work with meaning the way I work would have to change as everyone works differently. I could also find myself in debates whereas my first collaboration project we where all easy to agree on things. Leeds also studying drawing processes which is different to the other courses I have applied to. I think this is an important skill to keep doing Graphic Design as even though digital software helps a lot bringing work back to basics and being able to in-corporate both traditional and digital together is something I will carry on doing throughout further education to help my work be the best it can be.

All of my university choices are quite similar along with having differences the most important thing is even though they have differences the subjects being studied I would still love to learn and progress in as all will help me to become a better graphic designer.


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