Health & Safety

While doing this project I have had to use media safely to produce my outcomes.

This has especially been important with the camera such as when going to town and carrying it around covering it so no one could see it. Keeping the camera strap around my neck so that it wasn’t easy to take and was protected from falling and breaking. I also made sure that the camera was stored safely away from being damaged and the lens was covered to prevent rain from touching it so that my images would be ruined.

Apart from outside of the classroom being in the classroom has meant not leaving the camera laying around or placing it somewhere someone could knock it and break it.

If using the studio make sure nothing is in the way of anyone or falling over or in anyones pathway especially if there is a fire alarm The lights can’t block people or be knocked over. The lights aren’t left on for too long because this could cause them to overheat

When I have used traditional media such as scissors I have always made sure they have been put back when I have used them and not left so that anyone could get injured from it. I have used paint and any left over I have binned it so that no one leans in it or touches it.

If I am going to use the dark room in the future I will make sure that I don’t touch the chemicals and use the equipment provided so that I don’t have an allergic reaction as well as this I will leave my photos in a tray to dry so that no excess water is left causing someone to slip or touch.


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