What is a Billboard?

A billboard is a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements; a hoarding.

Billboards are most likely to be seen in high traffic ares such as along side busy roads typically showing a large image with a quick slogan having quick distinctive visuals that make the billboard stand out. Billboards are created so that most of the time the driver going past can see it and be able to remember what they have seen quite well even though its only a short space of time. Billboards help promote different products and messages in a large format. Relating back to my brief creating a billboard would mean I took a variation of images and create a photo montage with it taking into consideration colour, as a dull billboard wouldn’t be looked at by people during the night. Also where would the billboard be displayed? There are many places around Liverpool which advertise billboards but where does it need to be to promote Liverpool, Therefore I will take into consideration tourist attractions: such as town, The Albert Dock, Penny Lane etc. Where do tourists come into Liverpool and will they look at the billboard straight away? Who is the target audience? How are they going to be informed?

There are many different types of billboards such as Painted Billboards these are more traditional with this being done in a studio and being started with line drawings, the patterns would then be pounced onto the board making the outlines of the figures or the objects.Using oil paints artists will then fill in the billboard. This would then be moved with a crane to place the billboard in the area and artists would go and touch up any problems with the billboard.

Digital billboards are created using digital software, This type of billboard is more likely to have running text or moving image. These also consist of different adverts being used throughout the day and certain adverts having time slots so they can get the maximum impact out of the billboard.

There is also Mobile Billboards these are displayed where there is local events with a heavy traffic flow they can also be displayed  in train stations,  airports and sports arena’s. This makes it easy for the target audience to be reached immediately.

This helps me with my brief as I now know a variety of types of billboards which I can do. I could do one outcome which was still and printed, and another which I shown on my blog for example as a digital billboard, from creating a gif.



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