Manchester Met

I received a letter from Manchester Metropolitan asking me to send off my portfolio with a link to where to send it off. They asked for up to 20 pages as I had broke up from college I had 16 pages. The big problem was because I was off I had no way of being able to use photoshop in order to complete more pages they asked for the work by the 29th December because of this I felt I had a strong 16 pages. I sent my work off hoping to be accepted but later received a letter saying I hadn’t been accepted. I wanted to know why because of this I emailed them asking for feedback  these where the reasons:

  1. artistic scope is limited e.g.. limited use of colour, form shape, spaces etc.
  2. Limited range of imagination demonstrated.
  3. Limited connection with subject area

I don’t agree with this fully as my work shows colour and if it doesn’t then I’m a little worried. This is now just something I know and can weigh out my options I have an interview next for Hugh Baird on the 20th January and will hopefully be accepted into there as its a place I would love to study in the future!


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