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As I applied to Leeds College of art I wanted to look into the teachers who would be teaching me if I applied. The first screenshot shows Tom does fine art even though most likely he won’t teach me its always good to have an insight to what people do as during my interview I can say I know that you do fine art as I have looked into the website what would you say is your best piece of work? This highlights that I’ve done research into the course and I have knowledge on what teachers do and shows interest to them.

I also looked at Simon who is in the second screenshot he is a senior lecturer at Leeds. In his description it says he first worked as a web and graphic designer he has founded a graphic design company which works with screen and print. Along with this Simon has worked for other companies and produced work I did search this but couldn’t find anything. I also used Behance to see if any of his work was on there but couldn’t find anything. I did find his Pinterest where he had three pieces of work however they where uploaded around two years ago so I wouldn’t certainly say he still works like this. However I can see that he works traditionally and digitally which is especially good for me as this is something I want to progress further to keep a traditional style within my work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 16.12.38.png

As I have received an invitation to an interview I came across an interview guide on the website. From this I am now prepared to complete a piece of work and also know that my front cover HAS to be strong in order for it to stand out as there most likely going to accept people for interviews from the first page.

My interview for Leeds College of Art is the 12th February I am going to try and get my individual project done by this time in order to be able to add this to my work for a simple clean outcome to show I can do both messy and clean cut outcomes.


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