Mock Interview

On Wednesday I  had a mock interview with a woman who was from John Moores University. She didn’t have a specialist subject but knows the questions which you are most likely going to be asked for your subject.

Doing this she first introduced herself, I then followed  by introducing myself with her asking what I do in my spare time this is to help relax into the interview to make the rest a little more easy going. I answered these questions and had following questions such as: Why did you become interested in Graphic Design? What has been the best thing you have done on your current course? Why are your right for our university?

All of these I gave different, confident answers that I knew wouldn’t only  show my skills with working but also shown my personality for example when being asked what is the best project you’ve done to date I said: ‘Up to now the best project to date I have done is Art Direction this was a collaborative project I did with another Graphic Designer and a photographer from class I was able to watch how they work such as from Bart watching how he edits in Photoshop and learn so I can then independently take his skills on into my work. Also working with a Photographer has helped me see how there is more to taking a picture than just capturing the image. I learnt to get the best quality images you need to have good lighting, composition and be able to communicate to express your ideas and be able to take on other peoples. I then carried on by saying I was good to the group because I was the one who wanted research to be done to be able to develop our ideas I was also organised and did the typography for our outcomes. I then said not just work wise but I have gained confidence where I feel ideas aren’t stupid they need to be said as they are good or they can be progressed further into something better.’

After the interview I got asked if I had any questions I asked ‘What am I going to gain from your university?’ She then answered this questions which then led on to her giving me feedback.

She said for the interview I seemed confident and had a clear idea of where I wanted to go after education and knew what I wanted to do in education and why it was good for me. She said my strongest points where getting across my personality and my Graphic Design skills as I was talking about how I’ve progressed personally and with my work.

The only point to improve on she said I worded being able to work individually to the point of where someone could take it on that I contradicted myself and that I can only work individually on my own. However she said the interview was strong and she didn’t see it as a massive weakness just to have a plan of what I will say about working individually so the university will see it as a strength.

From this interview I feel more confident having an idea of what an interviews going to be like. I feel more prepared for an interview and as I hadn’t planned what I was going to say in my mock went quite well. I have also taken out of the interview that they don’t want to make me feel nervous they want me to feel relaxed and know more about me personally rather than just my portfolio and my personal statement.


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