Portfolio | Feedback

I presented my portfolio to the class on Wednesday to get feedback. This was to see what they liked, what they thought my strengths where and if they had any improvements for me.

From mostly all of the class everyone said that I was confident in presenting my portfolio and had a good explanation for my pieces. My layout was good and clean. Leah also suggested for me to make the pages bigger which is a good point to take on the reason for this was because I used my blog and not my Behance of physical portfolio as I haven’t got the pieces printed off yet. I’m happy that she suggested this however as next time doing a presentation I will make sure I do it off Behance or another site which shows my work so that its a bigger and clearer to see. My personal strengths that where mostly mentioned where fashion design, experimental and layout. My professional strengths mostly shown as a Fashion designer or a Graphic designer within my feedback.  My specialist strengths where quite varied Photoshop came up more than once but I had comments such as ‘strong sense of colours.’typography, fashion, mixed media.’  There was also feedback for other feedback from the class some of the comments where: “good presentation, you explained your thoughts and design processes clearly.” ” well done, could write a little bit more on pieces.” “Well done, Great portfolio.”

Overall, I am happy with my portfolio up to now and will take all of the comments on board especially to do my final pieces as writing more annotations will allow the reader to have more information on what I’ve done. I will do this but I still want my work to be the highlight and not my annotations as my work is the most important along with secondly having clear, relevant information to explain my work.


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