David Hockney | Photomontage

David Hockney is a sell taught artist who is well know for his photography and individual art. He also works with paint, and as a graphic artist most of his work is quite friendly to see however he does like to shock people with his work too as he likes to push the boundaries.His ideas came to him quite easily with a big imagination its not hard for him to create a piece of work just by looking at someone walking down the street or sitting on a bench. He took inspiration from artists such as Jean Dubuffet, Robert Rauschenberg and Walt Whitman.

From his work I can see the variation of experiments with photography he does in order to get his outcomes some look digital and not perfect as theres a receptiveness within some of the images this makes his work more interesting its almost as if he overlays his images quite nearly but doesn’t expect a perfect outcome to create a vivid effect.

I like David Hockneys nature photo’s I like how the colours used are cool and they fade out at the bottom of the image almost like its a dream a picture you would only be able to see in your imagination. This is also more thought out the layout is less repetitive and even if it is its placed somewhere that it doesn’t look out of place.

He also used strips in his work to create a montage this gives me the idea to traditionally print off my work more than once and create one image from printing two of the same images off. The strips are very precise because of this I would have to follow health and safety using the scalpel to make perfectly straight lines while using a safety mat so I don’t ruin any tables and I have more security and control over it sliding. I will also make sure if I used a scalpel I will put it away straight after I use it so no one gets hurt.


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