Final Billboards

Amy final 1.jpgAMYSA FINAL DFINAL .jpgThese are my two final outcomes for my Liverpool promotion brief as you can see I have added these onto Billboards to show how they would look in real life. Both of these images are innovative and effective and promote Liverpool in different ways.

The first image is aimed at the target audience of people who like music and as this is on Mathew Street aimed at the target audience of people aged 18+ as it promotes drinking. There was also a portrait billboard next to this because this was here I added one of the images I thought was effective but didn’t want to develop into the billboard I have printed this off size A3 to place into my sketchbook.

My second image is more vivid and promotes to anyone who wants to come to Liverpool I would say as this image was taken in the night it would have to be at people 18+ However this doesn’t specifically have a target audience to it but I think it would most appeal to tourists. Within  this piece I also experimented with mixed media to add more effect although it where lights using yellow and white I splatted the paint onto the page to produce this outcome I then placed it into Photoshop where I did minor edits and then placed it onto a billboard printed A3 for my second final outcome.


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