Mister Koppa | Photomontages

Mister Koppa is an American based artist who works with photo montages I really like his work as its highly creative and in comparison to David Hocknery completely different his is more imaginative and unrealistic but this is what I like about how he works. The two images above are just examples of how he works creatively to produce a unique outcome that somehow works.. His work is driven by physical and contemplative free association of visual elements, which taps into the subconscious and create an unrealistic outcome. Mister Koppa said he wants his montages to be like story’s because of this he works on multiple pieces at once I like the idea of doing this as its something I could do within my work although I only have to do two outcomes somehow I could relate them to a story of Liverpool. For example using a picture of the Beatles walking down Mathew street before fame and after fame. I’m not certain that I will do this for my outcome but its an idea to keep in mind while doing my work as I now know that my work doesn’t have to look realistic to be a photomontage it can be as creative and unique as I can possibly do.

I also looked into why Mister Koppa creates these montages and what storys hes trying to sell however his work only says ‘open to interpretation.’ This highlights to me that as long as I was able to know the story behind the image I made it makes sense obviously I have to annotate my work but if I want to do this within my own work I would have to make sure it was more obvious just like the example I used before would be easy to guess what I was trying to say within my examples.


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