Mister Koppa vs David Hockney

My first image is showing one of the ways David Hockney creates his photomontages. The second image is Mister Koppa’s way of creating photomontages.

Both of these are highly different from each other but still effective as thats there style of work and both have messages what they want to portray differently from each other.

David Hockneys way of work is to be organised and clean cut with his work comparing this to how Mister Koppa likes to work I wouldn’t say this is massively similar as none of his work is messy it all has a place its just placed more randomly to a viewers eye. In terms of colour there isn’t a difference from what I can see in these photos Mister Koppa’s just seems more bold but I think this is because he isn’t working with gradients in his image like David Hockney. I think that David Hockneys work is more professional however this is how I view it his image makes more sense to me than Mister Koppa’s as his work looks more professional but Mister Koppers makes me think ‘why?’ The only part of the image I like more about Mister Koppers is that hes working from a background this relates to my work more because I am going to be using images to create my photomontage however I think to make my work effective I have to stick to having a clean cut outcome as working messy while doing traditional work as when in Photoshop I like to clean things up and make it better so that I have a clean cut outcome.

Overall if I had to judge the way I work as an individual I would say I have the mind of Mister Koppa but the final presentation of David Hockney.


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