Robert Rauschenberg | Photomontages

I found Robert Rauschenberg’s work on photo montage’s. I like the way he works as its quite random he doesn’t use one image to create his outcome but uses a lot of images to create his outcomes. I think his work is effective because even though you can clearly see that this is different images they are all placed together and edited to have the same colours within them.

From the John F Kennedy montage I have realized that he has used apart of the image which is John’s hand turned blue I think that Robert will have done this by using a printer and changing the colour to then place it onto his page. I can see that his work isn’t neatly presented its quite rough in terms of presentation. I like this as it opens my eyes to a new idea of presenting my work working with mixed media to use certain colours and produce an effective outcome.

His Skyway piece(Top Left image)  is one of his most famous pieces this was created in 1964 after being introduced to photo silkscreen technique this is a method of screen printing like you would do on T-shirts using one colour until its successful and then moving onto another screen which will allow you to add another colour. The screen printing technique came around in the 1960s after a famous artist Andy Warhol made it popular.  A lot of these images where done to create different meanings to them he wanted  American culture encapsulated in the early half of the decade, particularly as represented on television and in magazines. He stated, “I was bombarded with television sets and magazines, by the excess of the world. I thought an honest work should incorporate all of those elements.”

Soon after he created his John F Kennedy piece as a symbol of change the montage consists of John F Kennedy in the image himself and to the left of it another image of Kennedy along with an astronaut, the bald eagle, a large mechanical crane surrounded by a demolished building . This is all to represent a symbol of change and what progress needs to happen in America. The bottom half of the image  included an image repeated again of venus at her toilet by Peter Paul Rubers this is to create the sense of a mirror.  The piece is so people can look at how he views the world through his mirror and how they look at it through theirs.


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