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I checked my  emails today and noticed I have received an email from UAL this was an email telling me they want me to submit my portfolio digitally they have given me a website to do this on alone with a unique code I am going to work on sending them this once I have fully complete unit 33 and 45 so I can focus on that. The deadline is 29th January because of this I am going to work on sending it off by the end of next week so work doesn’t add up and I end up forgetting about this.

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As well as this UAL have sent me an email saying that their course has changed this was telling me the changes to the course I am still interested in the course as it still sounds good. The email says I would be studying things like language and landscape of graphic communication and also work collectively. In the second year I will study collaborative working within an area of my choice along with co-designing the curriculum for year 3. In the third year I will work on problem solving and problem setting focusing on depth of knowledge working in a studio and bringing both studio and writing together.

As for any other emails I havent received any and no changes to my UCAS. I am going to work on sending my portfolio next week as the sooner the better.


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