Astronut | Behance

I used Behance again as part of my research to find different types of packaging design I came across ‘Astronut.’  They have produced their work so that there is a colour scheme shown and the ring in the doughnut has either a moon or an ‘astronut.’ This is pretty easy to see in the images. They have also placed two pictures together in order for them to create a doughnut, Along with this I love their packaging to place the doughnuts in it looks highly professional they also have different sizes the boxes can fit three and from the image taken I can see four doughnuts but my guess would be that it would be double the size and fit six in; This is effective because the box will hold well its a good size to carry and its easier than putting 6 doughnuts in paper bags to then place in a plastic bag or to just carry as the doughnuts could get damaged as theres so many so having a box wastes less packaging and in the long run would most likely be a cheaper cost. I love the packaging it relates to the colour scheme and the the box is really simple but the use of the sprinkles relates back to doughnuts. The coffee cup looks awesome but if there was more than one ordered how would someone carry it, I think thats the only thing missing from the packaging designs.The person who designed this has thought ahead designing a bag to fit only one or two in this is effective as its not a massive waste in materials its paper based packaging which will hold the doughnuts and could possibly even be used again or recycled. As much I love the packaging design the one thing I don’t think fits completely well is the logo ‘Astronut.’ It makes sense to me that the o is the ring but what else is there nuts in the doughnuts? Are all the doughnuts going to have toppings which make them look like their from space? I especially think this isn’t effective when the logo would be used and you couldn’t see a doughnut you wouldn’t know what the logo meant unless you knew what ‘Astronut’ was. They also had some pretty pointless designs such as T-shirts and a van although this represents them I don’t see how this fully relates to packaging.  From looking at this packaging design I can see how much more professional packaging looks sticking to a colour scheme and having plain and simple images, which are only slightly edited for enhancements so when advertising it looks clear but if the advertisement was on a billboard the packaging would be the main focus or if it was placed among other posters because the image has clearly been photographed its going to be one of the main pieces you look at and notice especially if the colours you use aren’t just plain and seen a lot in other advertisements.


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