Behance | Burger Nest


I have been researching on Behance again to find more examples of packaging design. I came across burger nest not only had packaging been created but a logo, tagline and visual identity had been created. I looked at the packaging design and straight away I could see they had worked around colour to create different packaging the colours are yellow, black and white. They’ve been used to create different variations of packaging including business cards which front and back always use the colours. The packaging of the food bags is also pretty simple but effective as the packaging stands out but its simple the only problem I could see is that if the bag is paper if it would rain the bag isn’t going to be durable. From an advertising view all of the packaging would work well because its simple and bold meaning that to a lot of people looking at it will think the business is professional especially the drinks cup and the bag to carry food in would be eye catching to people and easily sell the business to people gaining them more customers. Another way of advertisement I would imagine this business to be local would be by having a website using the colours within the packaging already done would work well as they already have a menu:

 Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.31.57.png

The menu has good layout and could be used on the website as its clear and it could then be advertised through social media and the business cards they have.

To create the packaging design the menu has been done in Adobe InDesign, The business cards will have been created in Adobe Illustrator as the logo has been added and so has typography I also think the wrapping for the burgers could have been created in illustrator as its a repeated pattern. Adobe Photoshop has been used to create the drinking cup, the bag and the box which the burgers go in.


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