Behance | Vinyl Packaging


I have been looking on Behance again at different types of packaging I came across vinyl packaging. I think the techniques used to create this was mixed media based I think paint has been used and then put into Adobe Illustrator to create a pattern design as the design looks repeated on the whole vinyl case. I like this project however I think its pretty similar to work I do with patterns and I want my work to be diverse.

This work is effective for the industry as the packaging for whoever this album would be if you seen it any where else you would know who it was but if this was an artist that was quite unknown what makes that distinctive for someone to remember the artist. However I think the quality of the packaging looks strong and fits the purpose of protecting the cd plus it looks strong so to me that would say the packaging isn’t going to fall apart and because the cover looks good it makes the product seem more professional therefore I would be willing to pay more for the product.

The way this product would be advertised I think would be on TV. Just like the images above however maybe the cd would slide out of the case as this is an opportunity to sell the product further. Another way this product could be advertised could be by a poster the only constraint would be where would this be advertised I would most likely put it by music venues or near music shops, but this could be ignored by people even though its cheap to print off posters it could be a waste of money which is why I would sell the product through TV. Selling a product through an artists social media page is also a good idea as that reaches the target audience straight away however this is more promoting than advertising unless showing this may just be an image and then a link leading to a site where you can buy it.

If I was to do this as my project for packaging design on a vinyl case or even a cd case I think the most effective thing for me to do would be to take an artists album for example taking a Kanye West album and using the songs from it as inspiration to do the artwork based on what I imagine his album to mean. Also as I want to work with colour this could mean me creating an illustration with certain colours and maybe a typographic design where I take words from the album that stand out, or quotes which I like which I would imagine someone buying it to think this is what this artist is about.


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