Graphic Media

The definition of Graphic is relating or involving repetitive methods such as etching, engraving, photography, serigraphy, and woodcut.

Graphic media is materials used in order to create an image. Materials can be used such as Graphite pencils,  coloured pencils, markers, paint (Spray paint, Watercolour paint etc.) and chalks and pastels. These are examples of techniques dry and wet media this can develop further into digital media I would first need to use a printer/scanner or photography in order to turn my work digital this would then allow me to work in software such as Photoshop where I would be able to manipulate any images, create brushes ftp, traditional work I have done or edit any photography work I have done. I would also use Illustrator to create any flat graphics or typographic outcomes.

Graphic media is going to be used throughout my design work. however for my individual brief I am going to be focusing on packaging design. To create my packaging I am going to to use traditional and digital based graphic media. For example at the beginning of my project I am going to work traditionally I will mostly use pencil however will experiment with different materials such as chalk and graphite pastels so I am able to compare the outcome. I will then further develop by scanning my work in using the printer and using Photoshop so I am able to digitally manipulate my developments. I would like to have a 3D outcome which I will do by printing out the net I create and piecing it together in order to showcase my packaging design. I would then like to photograph my work so that I can present my outcome.


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