Behance | Packaging

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 15.11.58.png

While completing research on packaging design I came across Andrew Thompson’s work which shown sketches of packaging design his design is quite simple and explained in detail. This is along the lines of how I want to show my concept designs. It’s labelled and gives you further information to how the packaging works along with this he has also shown the inside of the product as to what it will be packaged like. I will do this within my work to show further information into the packaging and how the product will work within it. This will also help me to understand if the packaging will work for the product as  I will be able to see sketched if the design will fit, if the design is suitable for the product and if the packaging is going to sell the product well. From my sketches I want to also add colour to see if the colour scheme I have chosen works. I also want to add materials onto these sketches so I know what to use and explain why the material will work for the design not only to hold the product but why it will help further advertise the product to make it look more professional.


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