What is packaging design?

Packaging design should represent the brands identity this could be represented by use of colour, fonts or texture, The design should be simple but clever to make it stand out. Good packaging helps to get better sales think about it. A packet of rice that hasn’t been thought about it just has a label stuck to it saying what it is and the price of £1.50 stuck to it, to me yes the packaging does its job but if a packet of rice is in front of me and its in a box and the packaging looks good and its being sold for the same price of £1.50 I’m more likely to buy that as it looks better and creates the impact that the product is better quality the product could be the same rice but because the packaging looks good it makes the product look better.

Packaging has a massive impact in how someone looks at the cost of the product bad packaging and expensive cost means someone won’t think its worth it the point in packaging is to help sell the product further than it is alone, when someone looks at a product you want them to think “Only this much for this product.” and not “i’m not paying that for this.”

An important key in designing packaging is making sure its going to stay in tact theres no point in having a design that looks good but when the consumer picks it up to buy it falls apart or the product falls out of its packaging because this all builds up to the consumer putting it back or not buying it again.Another thing thats important is making sure the packaging is strong you don’t want to put cups into a cardboard cup holder and its weak and defeats the element of using the holder to hold the cups if you have to fix the design yourself then the packaging is a fail.

Another key thing to keep when creating packaging designs don’t make the design awkward because as a graphic designer your going to know how the product works but nobody else will especially if its putting something back together people won’t buy the product if the packaging is complicated. Even though the design has to look good theres ways of doing it simply but effectively.


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