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Milton Glaser is a well known graphic designer his most well known work is the  I ♥ NY  logo and the DC bullet logo commonly used by DC comics. Along with this he also cofounded New York Magazine in 1968.  His most popular work is Graphic Design in particular typography.

The reason I like Miltons work is because each piece is different he works however I feel with some structure theres normally some form of black area followed by a pattern or a block of colour. My favourite piece is below:milton_glaser_18_jacob_armitage

The typography is so simple yet so creative that I love it. This piece also means that from my point of view if I was ever to see this magazine or this typography I would think of Milton as its distinctive.  Looking over magazine covers this type works well with nothing around it or behind objects/people or even moved from top middle alignment of the page whether you can see the full typography you know what it is just like for example if you seen only the VO in vogue you’d know what the magazine was because thats their distinctive type.

The next designer who’s work I love is April Greiman her work is full of colour and she has used digital media to her advantage along with colour.

Her work interests me because it seems quite quirky and random however its pulled back at the end for a clean cut outcome. I like her work as she was someone that came up with the ‘new wave’ in the 70’s and early 80’s from looking at new wave design I can see how she has inspired people to work with shapes and colour to get the final outcome. The style of new wave to me takes on collages however in a digital way.

The piece of work I seem to mostly like is the wet design with the woman’s eyes censored.  I like this because theres more to it than what you see on the eye if you look closely at it you can see the further detail the white dots all over the page for example along with the outside the border is really small black dots which isn’t the stand out of the design yet is there.

Stefan Sagmeister is the next Graphic designer who’s work I like out of all the designers i have researched into he is the most current and the one I like the most. His work now is with Jessica Walsh. However I love his work I think he interests me the most as he has done work with music such as JayZ, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith etc.

Sagmeister & Walsh’s work together is pretty cool with both their ideas coming together to create amazing outcomes I took images from one project they have done called Aizone FW13.  This had a lot of images along with two videos I liked this one  as it showed you not only the final project but the concepts and then going to the make up artists to even how the make up artists make the type go on the face so bold. I like both of these graphic designers because they use photography to their advantage with their work. I love how they have done some typography projects and all aren’t just on a piece of paper they’re not limiting themselves to just something what everyone else does. Their works unique and I love it.


The two artists I’m going to compare are Sagmeister & Walsh  and Milton Glaser both of there work includes typography as well as using colour to produce their outcomes however Milton Glaser does simplistic typography whereas Sagmeister & Walsh are simple in terms of the type is legible just like Milton’s however they don’t use a pen to produce their work they use paint, powders and they don’t have the outcome on paper. Comparing both of these Graphic designers further I want to show the difference in age because Sagmeister is 53 and Walsh is 30, Milton Glaser is 86 this shows the difference in how Graphic Designers work now compared to the past its not a bad thing and his works amazing however his work to me seems a lot less digital to Sagmeister & Walsh’s this shows how Graphic media is changing and also becoming more digital outcomes can be as the use of photography especially helps Sagmeister & Walsh whereas Milton may not have had as much technology to produce his pieces and had to have relied on traditional media.

In conclusion to this I prefer Sagmeister & Walsh’s work this is because of obvious reasons such as its more current, diverse and futuristic. I also LOVE how they include Photography in their work as this is something I enjoy doing in my own work. I also think that their way of working links in to advertisement a lot stronger than Milton’s would as I find their work interesting for example they recreated the Adobe Logo using different objects and competed with each other to see who did it best. Now the Adobe logo is known but not to everyone however even if people didnt know what Adobe was the video is still communication a message which is the main point of graphic design. They do it well and I will look at their work not only in this project but others and take inspiration from it to help me with my work.


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