Nike | Packaging

nike_1NIKE_FREE_BOX-1100x738Nike-The-Opening-Packaging-01Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.13.18

I have decided that looking into packaging from different brands is a good idea to help inform my decisions on what I can do to improve the Yeezy packaging.

From looking into Nikes packaging I can see that they stick to a simple rectangular box the ones I have seen are the first two images. I have tried to find out why Nike use orange mostly but can’t find a complete valid reason however in my opinion I think Nike use orange for there packaging because:

  1.  It’s orange! – therefore who else has it
  2.  Nike is a sports brand – Orange reminds me of sports such as Basketball
  3. professional- this isn’t to say that the packaging is the best but it looks professional and of a better quality than just a cardboard box

Along with these points the box is made out of cardboard this is a strong enough quality to hold and protect the product this highlights to me its a good design.

The other packaging designs I have found which are Nikes are of a slightly higher quality in terms of presentation especially the black and gold packaging this isn’t complicated and in fact is only using two colours which means it wouldn’t have took a massive amount of time to do in the industry especially as time is money but if I was given this box with my shoes in I would know that they where special edition or limited edition shoes as the packaging is better and has more thought into it. It also adds price to what I’m buying not by a massive amount but to me the shoes would look although the quality of the packaging is a lot better even though its just a different use of colours.  This box however isn’t used to package shoes this was sent to 160 athletes as an invite. This is quite disappointing as its clever packaging and would look amazing for a packaging design.

The last packaging I found was a white box I didn’t think that this was an amazing outside however I liked how the shoes where packaged inside. The good points about this is its unique compared to other designs. Its not as simple and from a buyers point of view more care has gone into packaging the shoe. This is something that I could take into consideration when designing the packaging for my shoes. This would work quite well when coming to advertising as if I wanted to use the box it could be a really simple picture of the box and the packaging slid open so that its a clean cut outcome. If I advertised this I would put it onto a poster or create a gif or a short piece of moving image to it.



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