Yeezy | Packaging


I have decided for my individual project I want to re-create the Yeezy packaging, before I begin doing this I have looked into the Yeezy  350 boost packaging. As from what I have found the packaging isn’t advertised this in my eyes is because the box is quite plain and simple and for that reason doesn’t advertise anything to the customer so its not worth including while promoting the shoe. I want to be able to re-design the packaging for Yeezys so that it can help advertise and sell the shoe more.

I am going to work on creating a box which will be good to use within an advertisement for the Yeezy 35O Boost as it will add further value to the shoe. I want the packaging to sell the shoe further and look good. To do this the packaging needs to be of quality, It should relate also to Kanye West and Adidas as Kanye created the shoe besides the brand Adidas.

When beginning to do concepts I am going to take into consideration colour and what would happen in the real industry I may produce different variations of coloured packaging for mock ups however I want one to two final pieces of packaging as in the industry time is money and creating different coloured packaging would take up too much time when you could be creating a shoe.

The pictures above shoe the Yeezy 350 Boost packaging its quite simple and theres not a massive amount of thought gone into it. Its just a plain simple box that people will throw away. The bag that the shoes are packaged in is again simple however includes ‘Yeezy’ This is simple and doesn’t look like much however is personalised. I want to be able to do a bag which the shoes and the packaging would go into and I want to keep it simple however will work with colour from my packaging to create this so it relates back to the packaging.

When I come to using colour for my design I don’t want it to be as simple as the boxes in the images above. I want to use media for example creating a texture for the box especially if its kept this simple and also colour changes I could use past, present and future colour designs to show a variation of changes along with trying to incorporate them all together for a sophisticated outcome.


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