Rotoscoping | Tutorial

As I want to do rotoscoping for my animation I decided to watch a tutorial on how to do rotoscoping in After Effects. This video shows the idea of creating rotoscoping over an already made film this is useful however its not got the outcome which I wanted and it also costs a lot of money as its an extra plug in however it doesn’t massively matter because I didn’t love the way this ‘created’ rotoscoping anyway.

The next video looked a lot cooler and actually gave me the type of outcome I wanted however this meant I had to download templates this isn’t suitable for me to do as this may take a lot of memory. Even though the type of rotoscoping I want is in there this is 11 templates which will be taking up a too much memory on my computer also this to me seems like cheating. Yes the jobs done and there is still corrections to do however its not been done from the beginning so I wouldn’t be learning much other than making slight changes because of this and I don’t exactly know if the templates cost anything I wouldn’t risk downloading it as I don’t want my memory to be already taken up by the templates especially when I’d only use one out of the eleven.


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