Moving Image | Research

I have been using Vimeo in order to collect research and inspiration for my moving image. I have found this video which is quite simple. I think if I want to do fashion for my moving image I should incorporate photography. However I think this video is too simple and if I am to do moving image I want to incorporate a random object so that it sticks to the way I would work normally but I’m just stripping it back to not use mixed media. This moving image is clean cut and doesn’t seem massively complicated but still has a high professional level. I like the type of effects they have used in this video such as the swiping down for the profile shots. I don’t think I’d work in black and white but if I was I would want something to be in colour which stood out and told a story though the moving image but still made sense to the moving image around it.

I came across this video while looking at animation. This gives me an idea of making a video similar to this which is basic film and has animations and maybe turns into black and white but have the glasses in for example blue so they stand out compared to the rest of the animation and if I want to include Art Direction for example lets say I had doughnuts the glasses could turn into doughnuts or everything around the person turned into doughnuts when they put the glasses on.


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