What made an impact?

The Phenakistoscope was the most crucial invention which created animation. This is the first thing which started animation and without it nothing else would have been invented or have been able to develop the way it has up until today. Phenakistoscope_3g07690b.gif

This is an example of what you would see through a Phenakistoscope you did this by looking through a peep hole. This link shows how the design works. without looking through a peep hole. The device spins around to create the effect of a moving image when span round.  This is the start of animation for me as throughout the years it has been developed further for the perfecter picture.

The Zoetrope was another invention made similar to the Phenakistoscope this was to create a clearer quality when it came to playing the animation. An example of how this works is here:

Here you can see how simple the drawings where but how much clearer they are in comparison to the Phenakistoscope when viewed. To me this seems like it made an impact in animation as the quality of animation was further developing which shows me that animators could work in more detail and work on motion slightly more now as not as much quality is lost within the animation.

I think that the Kinetoscope had a big impact in animation. This was the highest quality design that had been made and ahead of its time. It worked by using stop motion (a large number of frames) to produce the animation however viewing was different as it didn’t use a drum to show the animation but was used to feed the images. As well as this the shutter was also very fast this meant that the animation didn’t look although it was changing images to the eye and therefore looked like one complete film with no pauses. Along with this the Kinetoscope also became one of the most popular ways to view film in the cinema in a very short period of time as it was so successful in viewing animation. The first film to be created using the Kinetoscope used 10 Kinetoscopes to produce the film.

above is examples of how the kinetoscope works this looks like a clear moving image which doesn’t seem to stop and has a smooth viewing to the eye even now. This is a big impact in animation as the viewing has become smoother to the person viewing however the only down side is that this can only be viewed by one person at a time.

Stop motion is the next part of animation which I think has made an impact as this uses real life objects and created the effect that they are moving this is an example I found on youtube showing stop motion animation.

Stop motion is done mostly by using clay but can also be done by using other objects such as people to create animation. This is done by taking photographs to then place together which will create a sequence of moving image. Thos however will be time consuming and no mistakes can be made in order to make the sure the animation is perfect. Especially so everything flows together into one such as the movement of the object can only be by so much so it doesn’t look like the animator has moved it so much that its almost like the clip has jumped meaning its not smooth.

The video below shows how rotoscoping works. This explains how it started being drawing over real life animation which then turned into a clip of animation the video shows how it was used to do more complicated areas of animation such as dancing or showing emotion as its more realistic and has more flexibility than completely drawing images from the start as using real people captures themselves which can then be drew over film to create the animation.

The next type of animation which made an impact and is still used today is live action and animation here is an example of this:

This type of animation combines a live film and animation together. This results in videos such as the above. This has made a massive impact in the way animation works as its no longer just in the animation world it can now be added into the real world not only that but from this type of animation I can see how far animation has come as its now able to be done in real life images. This shows an impact in animation as no one has ever done it before this furthermore highlights how far animation has progressed as this is another step which has been taken in order to make animation better.  The success is shown in films such as Mary Poppins and Stuart Little.

This is an example of Drawing onto film animation. This isn’t the best quality which I imagined. I would more likely use it for simple animation as this is what this shows me from the video. However this still has had an impact in the animation industry as its a new way of producing animation especially if it is for simple things or even created moving patterns for example this reminds me of illusions this could be one way in which an illusion is created and its quicker and easier than taking a lot of time to produce something which is effective yet isn’t detailed and doesn’t look although its took much time to create.

The next example of animation which I think has and still is making a massive impact on animation today is CGI. This is done by using computers in order to create and develop animation. The video below shows how a scenes of animation is done through CGI I chose Frozen to show as this shown two steps and the final. This is obviously the highest quality of CGI animation as Pixar will have the best software and still be working on ways in order to develop this.

A more simple way of using CGI to create animation is Animator vs Animation

This also highlights how simple animation can be through computers it doesn’t have to be  perfect and detailed but it can be clever use of software which creates a fun animation.


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