Adidas Packaging


To help with my individual project I have been looking into packaging as Yeezy’s are made with Adidas I thought it would be a good idea to have a look into Adidas’ packaging. From this i can see that blue and white are the colours Adidas use to show their brand similar to the way Nikes packaging is orange. However comparing this to Nike’s packaging I prefer Adidas as I think its had more thought procession the way that it looks whereas Nike’s looks a little dated.

What makes Adidas packaging individual?

  1. its blue
  2. three stripes represent the stripes on the shoe
  3. professional- more thought has gone into the work of this packaging than Nikes I think this because they’ve added the iconic three shoe stripes
  4. As they have added the stripes into the packaging it makes it more unique therefore giving the packaging a solid brand identity.

Although the packaging is simple it functions the way it should and holds shoes well meaning the packaging is suitable. The only difference with Adidas and Nike packaging is that I couldn’t find any packaging which was better quality than the packaging above. This is disappointing as they could possibly make better packaging for the higher quality shoes however they haven’t. Especially as Adidas are a sports brand they could take this in as an advantage and use football as an example as if the footballers running and use the three stripes to show movement.

From what I have seen up to now packaging is simply done and isn’t done to be a massive part of selling the shoe. I like Adidas’ packaging as they have been simple but effective whereas I think Nikes looks dated and needs renewing. As Adidas don’t have any packaging which is more professional than the simple blue and white box its a good thing I have decided to do Yeezys. As well and in another blog I have shown they only use a plain cardboard box with YEEZY Boost 350 on it. This is annoying as they haven’t even used the normal adidas packaging or even tried to design a box which isn’t much different from it. When I do my work I want to design my box so that it can be advertised along with the shoes. Even though it isn’t the biggest part to buying something if I had to pick shoes based on the box I would most likely go with one thats unique, professional and different as I’d imagine what would be inside to be of a higher quality.


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