Puma Packaging


Pumas packaging out of every brands is the most creative I’ve seen so far with a clever way of saving materials. The packaging is made so that it fit into a bag which then is placed into a bag with a handle so the packaging is not only a box but is a bag you can carry around once you’ve bought the product.

The reasons this works well is because people can’t complain that their wasting packaging to sell there shoes. The packaging looks stronger than the other packaging as the cardboard seems thicker and uses less material than other competing packaging brands.

The second reason I think this packaging is designed well is because its well through out. The net for the cardboard would have been the most simple thing to do but simple enough that its not time consuming. As well as the bag sticking to the brand identity using the red and white simple but red is a striking colour and if your carrying many bags it won’t get lost within them because its striking and catches peoples attention.

This packaging is the most effective which I have found. If incorporating this type of design into my work I will have to take into consideration how much material I am using and the quality because the bag will have to hold the shoes meaning the cardboard would have to be stronger than packaging similar to Adidas or Nike.

The only down side I think there is to this packaging is that theres only so much the material of the bag can take however it is a strong quality but if it was raining the bag could get wet which then may go through to the shoes because of this if I was to take a design like this further in my work I would want something covering the shoes so that the product doesn’t get ruined because in the end if I was working for a company this would cost them money as people would be taking back damaged shoes.

In terms of advertising this packaging I think it would be okay for the boring someone being handed the packaging but as for something creative I don’t think that it would work because even though its a clever design and it has a lot more thought process into it than any other packaging design I’ve seen but using it in an advertisement wouldn’t work effectively as people would think ‘Why are they showing me the packaging I want to see the shoe.’ I don’t want anyone to think why are they showing me the packaging I want them to be able to see both the shoe and the packaging and say ‘Thats cool.’ Also knowing if they seen the packaging they’d straight away know that it was Yeezys.


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